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Tips for how to make a boudoir session everything you hoped it would be


Today, I wanted to do a small post for clients on tips for boudoir sessions. These are some of my all time favorite sessions but I know lots of people hesitate in booking one. You shouldn’t have to feel nervous or shy to book a boudoir session, I seriously think its one of the most empowering things you can do for yourself. Here are a few of my tips to make everything run smoothly!



  1. Choose a Photographer that makes you feel 100% comfortable.
  • You should never feel anything less than amazing during your session, that is why I believe choosing a photographer that empowers and encourages you throughout the whole process is a HUGE part of making things go smoothly


  1. Try on your outfits (or lack there of) before the session
  • You want sexy items that you feel good wearing, chances are if you don’t feel good in it at home in front of your own mirror you are not going to like how you look in front of the camera. I always tell my clients to bring multiple different styles of outfits depending on the look they are going for.


  1. Pamper yourself
  • These sessions don’t have to be for anyone else, I think they are a great self esteem booster. My tip to you is, go get your nails done, get your hair done, get your makeup done. Make a YOU day out of it. So many of us ladies get caught up in what “true beauty” is and forget each and everyone of us is beautiful and unique. That is why I love boudoir sessions so much because people leave theses sessions smiling and proud of who they are. I love being able to make people happy about themselves and make them comfortable in their own skin.


  1. Find a good location
  • Often the photographer can help with this too. If you have a specific kind of look you are going for do your research. Lot’s of hotels will let you use their rooms for a small hourly fee, but lots of times your own house is a great place to have the session. Wherever you choose just make sure you are 100% comfortable with it.


  1. What to bring along
  • You wouldn’t believe how much bringing along a playlist of your favorite songs helps in getting you to loosen up. ( I also like to recommend we bring along your fav adult drink of choice.* not required obviously, but I promise It really helps those nerves disappear).


I hope these 5 tips have helped put you slightly at ease when it comes to the idea of a boudoir session. When you are ready send me an email, let’s make something beautiful. You will feel so amazing after and hey they also make great presents for a special someone. You won’t regret it I guarantee that. Click on that contact me button and let’s chat! – Ryley 


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