A few weekends ago, I had the day off and we went to Lettuce Park (yes that’s the real name). I got to see my first Alligator, which was beyond awesome. If you live in the Tampa area, go check it out. It is a super nice park and especially good for seeing wildlife and […]

Last week Matt and I went for a little hike to get away from the busy city! We had a great time besides catching posion oak.. Mount Laguna is beautiful this was our second time back there.  

It was one of those days we just decided to take a road trip and ended up in big bear. The lake was beautiful enjoy the pictures!

Two weekends ago I had the amazing chance to go hiking over by Mount. Laguna in California it was amazing!!!! The views were breathtaking and it was such a good workout. Here is my weekend summed up for you.

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