Jenn & Adam || Maternity

Last week, I flew to Georgia to do maternity photos for Jenn & Adam!

First off, isn’t Jenn just the cutest pregnant person ever!! We strolled around Piedmont Park, then went back to their adorable apartment home to finish up our session.

I loved being able to photograph these two, you can see all the love they have for their soon to be new addition. I think they are going to be great parents and I know their baby girl is about to be spoiled with love. I can’t wait to meet her, thanks for letting us capture this life event for you two.

Enjoy the pictures
Jenn & Adam_Maternity-62.jpg

Jenn & Adam_Maternity-188.jpg

Jenn & Adam_Maternity-45.jpg

Jenn & Adam_Maternity-110.jpg

Jenn & Adam_Maternity-127.jpg

Jenn & Adam_Maternity-146.jpg

Jenn & Adam_Maternity-107.jpg

Jenn & Adam_Maternity-85.jpg

Jenn & Adam_Maternity-80.jpg

Jenn & Adam_Maternity-99.jpg

Jenn & Adam_Maternity-9.jpg

Jenn & Adam_Maternity-89.jpg

Jenn & Adam_Maternity-121.jpg

Jenn & Adam_Maternity-17.jpg

Jenn & Adam_Maternity-170.jpg

Jenn & Adam_Maternity-166.jpg

Jenn & Adam_Maternity-168.jpg

Jenn & Adam_Maternity-158.jpg

Jenn & Adam_Maternity-111.jpg

Jenn & Adam_Maternity-142.jpg

Jenn & Adam_Maternity-68.jpg

Jenn & Adam_Maternity-59.jpg

Jenn & Adam_Maternity-22.jpg

Jenn & Adam_Maternity-93.jpg

Jenn & Adam_Maternity-108.jpg

Jenn & Adam_Maternity-114.jpg

Jenn & Adam_Maternity-165.jpg

Jenn & Adam_Maternity-2.jpg

Jenn & Adam_Maternity-196.jpg

Jenn & Adam_Maternity-28.jpg

Jenn & Adam_Maternity-173.jpg

Jenn & Adam_Maternity-172.jpg

Jenn & Adam_Maternity-18.jpg

Jenn & Adam_Maternity-175.jpg

Jenn & Adam_Maternity-144.jpg

Jenn & Adam_Maternity-157.jpg

Jenn & Adam_Maternity-195.jpg

Jenn & Adam_Maternity-126.jpg

Jenn & Adam_Maternity-87.jpg

Jenn & Adam_Maternity-88.jpg

Jenn & Adam_Maternity-84.jpg

Jenn & Adam_Maternity-52.jpg

Jenn & Adam_Maternity-61.jpg

Jenn & Adam_Maternity-36.jpg

Jenn & Adam_Maternity-3.jpg

Jenn & Adam_Maternity-8.jpg

Jenn & Adam_Maternity-31.jpg

Jenn & Adam_Maternity-104.jpg

Jenn & Adam_Maternity-130.jpg


  1. musique681 says:

    … these take my breath away..Jen you look amazing and you will cherish these photos forever!

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